Find AC UPS Systems in Brisbane, Darwin, and Sydney in Australia

Even though we face challenges regarding our use and generation of power, nobody can deny that the ability to harness electricity has changed every aspect of our lives. The world population has risen at a dramatic rate in the past …read more.

Where to Buy a 12 Volt Power Charger

No two businesses in this world are the same, but they all have one thing in common: the need to use electricity for almost all everyday tasks. Most of us take the fact that we can harness energy for granted, but when things go wrong, we …read more.

Want to Buy a UPS in Australia? Find APC, Eaton, Emerson, Liebert and Vertiv

Australia is home to many businesses, facilities, and institutions that rely on cutting edge machinery and electronic equipment to perform their valuable services. However, these instruments all require one important thing to work …read more.

Enable Simpler Management of Your Australia Data Centre with an Avocent KVM in Brisbane, Darwin, or Sydney

Perhaps you are building a new data centre for your business from scratch, or maybe you are just looking for ways to expand, simplify, and streamline an existing infrastructure. Either way, you can count on Power Control Consultants …read more.

How to Buy an Automatic Load Transfer Switch from a Reputable Company Today

Keeping your building and the sensitive equipment in it safe from outside interference is a responsibility you probably take seriously, but do you have the necessary equipment to do it? If you’re working in a facility with sensitive …read more.

Trying to Buy a UPS? Find a Custom UPS for Sale Online

Keeping your power running during important tasks is a critical part of making sure you can always complete your work safely and on time. That’s why it’s important to have a backup power supply. The world around us is frequently …read more.

Why You Should Buy a KVM Switch for Sale Online

KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) switches are abundant in just about any data centre in the world because they allow a user to control multiple computers or servers using just one mouse, keyboard, and video input. However, many more work …read more.

Buy Power Factor Correction for Sale in Australia

We live in a world where access to electricity is a necessity rather than a luxury, and most people in Australia would struggle to continue with their daily lives if we suddenly had a lack of energy. Just think about how many problems a …read more.

Protect Your Business from a Potential Power Outage with a Custom UPS in Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, or Anywhere in Australia

A power outage is a hassle for any business. However, for companies operating in certain industries, a loss of power can be a bigger deal than closing up shop a few hours ahead of schedule. Indeed, if your business has power-sensitive products …read more.

Manage Your Data Centre Remotely from Anywhere in Australia, with a KVM Avocent Switch in Brisbane, Darwin, or Sydney

If there is one reason that so many businesses are moving to the cloud, it’s that managing a data centre or server farm is a hassle. An on-premises server farm does provide a lot more freedom, control, and security than any cloud solution …read more.

Save Energy and Lower Your Carbon Footprint with Power Factor Correction in Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin, or Anywhere in Australia

Are you looking for ways to cut down on your company’s monthly energy spending? Have you been searching for strategies that could allow your business to become greener and more sustainable? If so, it might be the perfect time to invest in …read more.

UPS Service Now Available in Australia, Including Brisbane, Darwin, and Sydney

Keeping your facility adequately powered is an essential part of making sure your work is never interrupted. When the power goes out at your business, it can easily disrupt your ability to serve customers, manufacture products, or just keep …read more.

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