Protect Your Business from a Potential Power Outage with a Custom UPS in Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, or Anywhere in Australia

A power outage is a hassle for any business. However, for companies operating in certain industries, a loss of power can be a bigger deal than closing up shop a few hours ahead of schedule. Indeed, if your business has power-sensitive products or research and you lose power, it could mean huge losses in both work and money. At Power Control Consultants, it is our job to help businesses like yours retain power even during blackouts. We build custom UPS units in Australia so that you have a power backup in cases where the power grid fails you.

Safeguard Your Work with a Custom UPS in Brisbane or Sydney

A UPS (or uninterruptible power supply) is something that virtually every business can benefit from having. So many different factors can lead to disruptions of power, from forces of Mother Nature to technical difficulties on the part of the power company. Ultimately, the source of the power outage matters less than the outcome, though. When the power goes out, you can’t operate as usual. You can’t take customer orders, for instance, which can cost you a lot of money in lost business, depending on the length of the outage. Your employees could also lose work in progress on their computers when the outage hits, which can lead to huge losses in productivity.

Other situations can be even more costly. Power outages and surges can cause damage to vital equipment and products, from computers to servers and beyond. For instance, Power Control Consultants has previously designed a custom UPS in Australia for a vaccine company. This company needed an uninterruptible power solution for its vaccine fridges. If the fridges were to go without power for a considerable period, it could cause the vaccines within to spoil. Each vaccine refrigerator held maybe $20,000 in vaccines, so the potential losses from a single power outage were massive. Power Control Consultants designed a UPS system that could maintain power for the fridges and protect the vaccines.

Your business might not have a risk factor as big as $20,000 worth of vaccines. However, a custom UPS for your Darwin or Brisbane business almost certainly has worth. A restaurant, for example, could use a UPS to protect refrigerated ingredients, while a cloud computing company could rely on a UPS to keep its servers running and accessible to users at all times.

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Technology has made a lot of things about running a business easier. However, it also means that more businesses and industries rely on consistent power to serve customers, make money, and avoid losses. In this business landscape, the uninterruptible power supply is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Are you interested in designing a custom UPS for your Sydney, Darwin, or Brisbane business? Call Australia’s Power Control Consultants today to start discussing your needs. You can reach us on 1800 543 237.

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