Manage Your Data Centre Remotely from Anywhere in Australia, with a KVM Avocent Switch in Brisbane, Darwin, or Sydney

If there is one reason that so many businesses are moving to the cloud, it’s that managing a data centre or server farm is a hassle. An on-premises server farm does provide a lot more freedom, control, and security than any cloud solution, but it also requires updates and other maintenance. If you work offsite from your server farm location, it can sometimes feel like you don’t have any more control over the system than you would with a cloud computing solution.

At Power Control Consultants, we want to banish that feeling. The benefits of managing an on-prem server rack are still there, even in the age of cloud computing. Also, if you are a cloud computing company and manage servers or server space for other business, you will need to keep managing your own servers anyway. We sell a range of products meant to make data centre management easier, including KVM Avocent switches in Australia.

About the KVM Avocent Switch

Avocent is a brand known for developing products that make data centre management a little easier. The company’s KVM switches (‘KVM’ stands for ‘keyboard, video and mouse’) are no exception to this rule. KVM switches are designed to allow users to switch seamlessly back and forth from one computing system to the next while using a single central keyboard, video, and mouse console.

Offices use these types of solutions where software engineers, programmers, or other tech professionals need to be able to use more than one computer or computing device to do their jobs. They are also common in data centres, where management teams need to be able to access and control every server in their farm via a central hub.

At Power Control Consultants, we have equipped businesses with KVM Avocent switches in Brisbane, Darwin, Sydney and throughout Australia. The Avocent module is capable of transmitting KVM signals over IP, to allow for remote control of multiple servers. Some of our clients have used these systems to set up control computers in their server rooms or at their offices. Having one computer at your business that you can use to manage, update, maintain and troubleshoot all the servers in your rack is certainly beneficial.

However, some of our clients have also used KVM Avocent modules to control their server farms from afar. For instance, if your server rack is in Brisbane, you could feasibly use your KVM from Avocent to monitor and manage it from Sydney or Darwin. Even if you don’t work in the same building that contains your server farm, you can use your KVM Avocent module to enjoy an ‘at the rack’ management experience. This remote accessibility makes it easier for businesses to maintain their server racks rather than switching to the cloud.

Expand Your Capability to Move around, with KVM Avocent in Darwin, Sydney, or Brisbane

Installing a KVM Avocent switch for your server farm in Sydney, Brisbane or Darwin can give you way more control over your data centre—no matter where in Australia you go. KVM technology gives you more freedom to move around—which, in the age of telecommuting, is a must. To learn more about what KVM Avocent can do for you, call Power Control Consultants on 1800 543 237.

Enable Simpler Management of Your Australia Data Centre with an Avocent KVM in Brisbane, Darwin, or Sydney

Perhaps you are building a new data centre for your business from scratch, or maybe you are just looking for ways to expand, simplify, and streamline an existing infrastructure. Either way, you can count on Power Control Consultants to help. For the past 15 years, we have been working with businesses to achieve greater control over their power and tech management needs. For data centres, we carry a range of Avocent products, including the perfect Avocent KVM device for your Australia data hub.

Add a KVM Switch to Your Data Centre Infrastructure

If you want to build an efficient and readily usable data centre, you need a KVM switch. KVM (which stands for keyboard, monitor and mouse) allows a data centre manager to connect remotely to any of the servers in his or her server rack. This ability to switch from one server to the next makes it far easier to manage a sizeable server farm. From troubleshooting to software updates, every server management task is more convenient with a KVM switch.

Of course, data centre workers aren’t the only personnel that might benefit from a KVM switch. On the contrary, KVM switches are useful for any person who needs to be able to control multiple computing devices from a single central keyboard, video, and mouse setup. Someone who uses multiple computers (or even a computer and a tablet) at his or her desk can streamline the process with a KVM switch. With all that said, though, KVM switches are essential for data centre operators who need to be able to maintain dozens, hundreds or even thousands of servers at once.

If you are looking for ways to improve the level of management and control you have over your data centre, then a KVM switch is a must. At Power Control Consultants, we can hook you up with an Avocent KVM in Brisbane, Sydney, or Darwin. Avocent is one of the biggest names in data centre hardware and is known especially as a manufacturer of KVM solutions. In fact, Avocent formed in 2000 after two of the largest players in KVM technology—Apex and Cybex Computer Products—decided to merge. KVM switches remain a big part of the Avocent brand today.

Find the Right Avocent KVM for Your Darwin, Sydney or Brisbane Business

At Power Control Consultants, we are here to help you build a more efficient, effective, and stable data centre. From uninterruptible power supplies to surge protection solutions, we can help you design robust failsafe systems to keep your server rack up and running always. With our Avocent KVMs in Sydney, Darwin, and Brisbane, we can also help make the job of managing a data centre easier. If you are interested in learning more about the Avocent KVM solutions we sell in Australia—or any of the technologies we carry, for that matter—feel free to get in touch directly. You can reach us by dialling 1800 543 237.

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