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Group of medical science professionals working in a laboratory.

CUSTOMER CHALLENGE: Critical biological material necessary for IVF services were at risk of being lost due to power outages.  Storage equipment designed to maintain precise environmental conditions for valuable samples were not being monitored against power disturbance and were not backed up by redundant levels of protection.


PQC SOLUTION: PowerQC were engaged to provide assistance with the initial project scope, and to ensure compliance.  We worked with the business to design a solution which included 8 hours of backup power during the event of an power outage.  1+1 redundancy was built into the design with multiple UPS, multiple Transfer Switches and options for SMS alerts.  The solution also interconnected with the facility’s BMS.

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Articles like this still surprise us at Power Quality Consultants! $400,000 worth of vaccines destroyed for the sake of a UPS and a program for scheduled unit health checks. A simple solution like this doesn’t stop at vaccines either, PQC are currently working on another project to protect a local IVF clinic. If it’s critical, it needs a UPS!

PQC Vaccine Fridge Solutions

ASCO Remote Control Lighting Controllers

Asco 918 Controller

The issue:

Traditionally, large lighting systems (stadiums, industrial sites, factories, tunnels, transport hubs) are switched on and off by a basic electrically held contactor; usually under the control of a switch or timer.

Lights are held on overnight or for extended periods for security and work safety.

When a traditional contactor is held on its energising coil builds up heat internally – leading to early jamming/malfunction and failure, and then loss of lighting.


The solution:

ASCO’s purpose designed remote control lighting controller uses a mechanically held contact system.

It is operated on and off by a short electrical pulse – then it is mechanically locked in position (either on or off) without any permanently energised coil getting hot and jamming/failing.

It can be operated by simple push buttons, or via a two channel programmable timer.

It can also be operated manually right at the controller in an emergency.

It can be ordered with a number of separate contacts (2,4,6,8,10,12 poles)

It can be ordered with Aux contacts (1 or 2) for remote position indication.


Why use ASCO?

Long lasting with thousands of operations.

No permanently energised coil building up internal heat.

Simple short pulse to control on and off.

Manual override in an emergency.

From only $260+GST to $560.00+GST depending on the number of poles, it is a low cost and massively reliable alternative.

ASCO Remote Controlled Lighting Controllers are installed at Homebush Stadium and a train marshalling yard (where there are a large number of lighting poles all controlled from a central building).

Remote Electrical Switchboard

Asco 918 Controller in switchboard

Light Pole

Asco 918 Controller in switchboard closed

Light on (and off later)

Lighting Pole

Yes, this is the same ASCO that makes the world leading Automatic Transfer Switches for generator / mains switching.

Same principles are used.

ASCO’s ATS’s also offer enhanced transfer operation too – including the most sophisticated ‘no break’ or ‘closed transition’ switching.

Entering the Cloud Generation

The unprecedented capacity requirements of large social media, search, colocation and cloud companies are driving massive investments in data centre development. The organisations creating this capacity are continually experimenting with new technologies and designs to push the limits of data centre performance while driving down costs. Their scale, individually and collectively, has the potential to drive signifi cant change in the data centre industry.

It allows them to work with their vendors on custom designs and solutions specific to their needs, bringing new solutions to the market. It also gives them the ability to test multiple designs simultaneously, often within the same facility, to determine which best meets their demands for flexibility, speed and reliability at the lowest cost. While some of the designs and technologies that emerge from this development will be specific to the largest data centres, others will have broad applicability.


Power Insight


Trellis™ Power Insight Application, the monitoring software for the Liebert® GXT3™, GXT4™, or APM™ UPS systems, gives you powerful visibility into the status and operation of your power equipment.

The Trellis™ Power Insight Application is designed to monitor unlimited number of Liebert rack UPS devices and provides real-time trending for critical UPS performance including voltage and current utilization.

With the Trellis™ Power Insight Application:

  • Monitor Emerson power devices with a web-based app
  • Manage alarms with alerts and notifications
  • Display a system overview dashboard using monitored data
  • Export and print data and charts
  • Globally search for devices


  • Simplified equipment management
  • Immediately identify problems
  • Decrease response time
  • Eliminate manual data collection
  • Simply and clearly explain performance to management


Struggling with Emerson UPS options and sizing?  Download our latest handy Sell UPS Guide.  If you would like a laminated A3 copy for your desk contact the team at or click here to download a copy now.  PQC Sell UPS Quoting Guide Nov 2015

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