Save Energy and Lower Your Carbon Footprint with Power Factor Correction in Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin, or Anywhere in Australia

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Are you looking for ways to cut down on your company’s monthly energy spending? Have you been searching for strategies that could allow your business to become greener and more sustainable? If so, it might be the perfect time to invest in power factor correction in Australia.

At Power Control Consultants, we are happy to offer power factor correction systems in Brisbane, Darwin, Sydney and throughout the country. These systems can deliver a noticeable decrease in energy usage and spending. Not only can they help your wallet, but they can also reduce your carbon footprint and play a significant role in helping you develop a reputation for being environmentally friendly. Today, sustainability is a major buzzword in most industries, so being able to adopt it for your business can help with branding and attract new customers or clients to your products and services.

What Is Power Factor Correction?

In the simplest terms, a power factor correction system reduces the amount of power being consumed by any given machine. Reducing the energy consumption across all the machines or devices in your company’s power system can obviously have a big impact on spending and overall efficiency. The question that we often hear at Power Control Consultants, though, is how it’s possible to achieve power savings.

To understand how power factor correction devices work, it is important to understand what power factor is. The term ‘power factor’ is a mathematical number arrived at by dividing the usable power in a system by the total amount of power available.

If that sounds like gibberish, don’t worry. If you aren’t an electrician or engineer, you don’t need to know about the finer workings of usable power (measured in kilowatts) and power available (measured in kilovolt amperes). The important thing to understand is that every machine or device is your electrical system usually receives more power than it needs to operate. Ideally, your company’s power system will have a high power factor (e.g. close to 100%). This kind of figure indicates that your system is using most of the energy that is being supplied to it. Investing in power factor correction in Darwin or Brisbane is all about bringing your power factor number closer to 100%.

Businesses with lower factors have systems that use a lot of reactive power. A certain amount of reactive electricity in a system is necessary to maintain magnetic fields. However, high levels of reactive power are expensive and wasteful. Only a small level of reactive electricity is required to maintain magnetic fields, but many systems—from electrical motors to lighting systems—have higher levels of reactive electricity than they need. These high levels of reactive power add to your energy bills, increase your carbon footprint and even put more strain on the various components of your electrical system, such as generators, power units and cables.

Build a More Efficient Electrical System with Power Factor Correction in Sydney, Brisbane, or Darwin

At Power Control Consultants, we can help you eliminate high levels of reactive power from your electrical system. Doing so will save you money, improve your overall sustainability and make sure that your power infrastructure does not become overburdened. To learn more about our power factor correction systems—or to invest in one for your business in Darwin, Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia—give us a call on 1800 543 237.

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